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Whirlpool Washing Machine Repairs Vancouver


SoftMove™ & FreshCare™

SoftMove™ uses a unique ultra soft drum pattern and movement to wash your clothes with the softest touch. This way fibers, shapes and colors are looked after. When you’re out FreshCare™ can gently tumble your clothes every now and then for up to six hours after the cycle ends. Consiquently you’re washing smells fresh and wrinkles are reduced. Whirlpool Washer repairs Vancouver

Whirlpool Washer repairs Vancouver


PrecisionClean™ technology uses water jets to spray water directly onto the laundry. This is rather than just filling the washer with water for an extra deep clean and extra clothing care. The clever combination of spray wash and spray rinse technologies gives you outstanding washing results without soap residues. Moreover, it is using the least amount of water and energy. Whirlpool washer repair Vancouver

Supreme Care Design

With full touch control of the upward-tilting, left-to-right control panel and dedicated washing programs, Whirlpool washers are designed to simplify doing the laundry and give you the best washing results. Whirlpool washer repairs Vancouver

ZENTechnology™ & SenseInverter Motor

The combination of vibration-and-noise-reducing ZENTechnology™ and the advanced direct drive SenseInverter Motor gives you long-lasting washing performance. Which is really quiet so you can do the washing at any time, day or night. Whirlpool Washer repairs Vancouver

6th Sense Intelligence

Innovative 6th Sense technology makes adjustments based on the load you’re washing. The cycle movements and speed automatically changes to suit the size of your load, and spin cycle pulsing helps fabric fibers breathe. Whirlpool washer repair Vancouver

Whirlpool washer repair Vancouver

European Made

Whirlpool's Supreme Care laundry appliances give you Europe's best washing and drying experience. Moreover, with progressive designs, quality craftsmanship and sophisticated style, Whirlpool's innovative features give you exceptional laundry performance. Whirlpool washer repairs Vancouver however

Whirlpool washer services Vancouver

Is your Whirlpool washer not functioning correctly? Perhaps, it’s generating abnormal noises? Or worse, is it completely broken? Are you spending extra money at the laundry shop? Are you thinking about how much it’ll cost you? Could you imagine coming up to a sketchy technician who can not differentiate the difference between Samsung and Bosch? Are you thinking of repairing it by yourself, but you understand you might injure yourself or lead to even more issue to the appliance? Whirlpool washer services Vancouver

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