Reliable Refrigerator Installation Services

Reliable Refrigerator Installation Services

Your refrigerator does more than keep your milk and produce cold. At the center of your kitchen, it holds your meal preparation together. And when it quits working, new refrigerator installation will be at the top of your priority list. Vancouver refrigerator installation

Top features to look for in your new fridge

Vancouver refrigerator installationIf you’ve opened the flyer for an appliance store lately, you know how many options there are to choose from! Here are five features you don’t want to be without. Vancouver refrigerator installation

Ice and water dispenser

This feature continues to be a favorite among buyers. With new bonuses, like ice size or cup size controls, you can get just what you need and want. Conquer that New Year’s resolution to drink more water by having it ready at the touch of a button!

In-door storage access

A door within the door of your fridge gives you access to your most-used items without opening the entire door. This is both energy-saving and convenient. Keep a jug of milk, coffee cream, or your favorite condiments at your fingertips.

Air quality control. Vancouver refrigerator installation

Many refrigerator brands have stepped up their game in freshness control. Evaporators help maintain humidity levels to keep your food fresh for longer. And air purifiers clear the air of odors and bacteria. Some models even have separate crisper drawers so you can maximize the life of your produce!

Zone temperature controls

New controls go beyond choosing a temperature for your fridge or freezer. In each compartment, you may be able to select the type of food you are storing there. Then your refrigerator regulates the temperature to help you save money by extending the life of your groceries. And because the temperature is set for each zone, you aren’t wasting power by adjusting your entire fridge. Win-win! however

Customizable shelving options

Every family buys groceries differently. When you’re looking for a refrigerator, look for one with moveable shelves. Some even have sections that lift for when you need that extra height. And consider which shelves are going to be strongest to hold larger items.

Once you’ve made your choice, call us at Fast Appliance Repair. Our qualified technicians will take care of your Vancouver refrigerator installation needs promptly and efficiently. You’ll be enjoying your new fridge in no time!