How to Remove Odors from Your Front-Load Washer

When you run a load of laundry, you expect it to come out clean and fresh! And your washer itself should live up to the same standard. But over time, front load washing machines have a nasty habit of forming grungy, moldy residue around their seals. This not only looks gross, but can begin to leave a lingering smell in your clothes and towels.

Where does mold come from in your front load washer?

When your washing machine runs, think about all that water, soap, and fabric softener, sloshing around and splashing against the door. This requires a rubber seal that top-loading models don’t require. While top load washers have the opportunity to empty and dry quickly between loads, this rubber gasket on front-loading machines provides the perfect hiding place for moisture, bacteria, and lone socks.

You can do your part to help prevent the majority of this mold problem by drying out the seal after each load and leaving the door of your machine open between uses. But chances are you won’t be 100% successful in keeping the odors at bay.

No one wants to put on a “fresh” shirt that smells of last week’s gym bag. So let’s go through the steps you can use to clean the seal of your washer.

Cleaning your washer

Spray a cloth with mildew cleaner and wipe out the rubber gasket. Be sure to get into all the folds of the seal, removing any debris (and socks) that may have built up.

Clean out the dispensers of your machine. The seal isn’t the only place bacteria and mold might develop. If possible, remove the entire dispenser tray and wash in a sink with hot, soapy water. So will not pull all the way out, so clean as well as you can.

Run a “sanitize” cycle to allow your washer to do a kind of “self-clean” of the drum. To amp up the power of this cycle, you can add a cup of bleach OR baking soda (not both – think 5th-grade volcano project!)

If you are still finding a lingering smell when you run a load, you may require an appliance repairman to take apart your machine and clean behind the washer drum.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, contact us at Fast Appliance Repair to have your front-load washer serviced. We’ll have you up and running, and smelling great, in no time!