Bosch Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

Frameless design will add that smooth seamless look to your kitchen. Or make it stand proud with a stainless steel frame. Also, the combination of two cooking zones with FlexInduction technology lets you fit larger pans. Bosch cooktop repair

AutoChef Bosch cooktop repairBosch cooktop repairs

This option regulates and adjusts the temperature continuously when needed. Because of it your pan won’t get overheated while frying. This option is perfect for precise cooking. Bosch just made you life a little easier! Bosch cooktop repairs


This option divides FlexInduction into three preset power level zones. For your convenience just move the cookware for an easy power level switch. Also, you can preset the power level in these zones beforehand. however

Home Connect

Nowadays you have an ability to control almost any appliance at home with you smartphone. These cooktops are not an exception. So get Bosch Home Connect App and monitor your Bosch induction cooktop remotely. Bosch cooktop repair

Gas Cooktops Bosch cooktop repair

Classic look cooktops with gas burners for high heat and low simmer. So you will enjoy optimal cooking flexibility. Also, if the flame goes out, electric re-ignition will re-ignite the burner automatically.

OptiSim Burner

Sometimes for making a perfect dish you need to simmer it without overheating. That’s why Bosch came up with their gentle burner for delicate sauces and melting chocolate without scorching. Bosch cooktop repairs

Electric Cooktops Bosch cooktop repairs

Either you pick frameless or framed design, it will add a nice European touch to your kitchen for sure.  Also there is a timer for each cooking zone. So it turns off after you’re done cooking. As well as induction Bosch cooktops, their electric ones also have AutoChef feature. Bosch cooktop repair


It is an option that will make your cooking faster. Speed Boost will add more power to the cooking process. And it will shorten heat-up time for liquids. Bosch cooktop repairs


PreciseSelect feature offers you 17 different level settings for direct cooking. Which gives you better option for precise cooking.


Bosch cooktop repair